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    How to use paragraph-formatting commands in word 2016

    Word 2016’s paragraph-level formatting commands affect paragraph in a document. That makes complete sense, but what is a paragraph? Officially it is a chunk of test that ends when you press the enter key. So a single character, a word, a sentence, or a document full of sentences is a paragraph, as long as you press the enter key. www.office.com/Setup Now, every time you press enter key, the symbol appears, marking the end of a paragraph.

    Formatting a paragraph


    You can format a paragraph in several ways:


    • Change an existing paragraph: with the supplement pointer in a paragraph, use a paragraph-formatting command. Office.com/setup Only the current paragraph format is changed.


    • Changes a block of paragraphs: select more than one paragraph and then use the formatting command to affect the lot.


    • Just start typing: choose a paragraph – choose a paragraph- formatting command, and then type a paragraph. The selected format is applied to the fresh text.


    • If your desire is to format several paragraphs in the same manner, consider creating a new style.


    Locating the paragraph-formatting commands


    Without confusing you, word uses not one but two locations on the Ribbon to house paragraph, formatting commands. The first paragraph group is established on the home tab. The second is located on the layout tab. Office com setup The paragraph dialogboxcan be conjured up by clicking the dialog box launcher button in either of the paragraphgroups. In it, you find controls and settings not offered by the command button on the ribbon.


    The obnoxious keyboard shortcut to send for the paragraph dialog box is Alt +H, P, G.you can save time by memorizing this keyboard shortcut. You can change the indentationthe distance of the paragraph from either left or right margin or spacing in your document. And inside the margins, you can raise or cut the indentation of one paragraph or a group of paragraphs.


    Documents contain text that conveys information to the reader, but the appearance of the document content also conveys a message. You can provide arrangement and meaning by organizing the text in several ways. Word 2016 provides a variety of simple to use tools that you can use to apply sophisticated formatting of the document.